Vocabulary for Talking About Positive Personality Traits

Talking about: Positive Personality Traits

My brother is a very patient person, he even managed to teach me how to drive.

If you want to give talks and host conferences you need to be confident.

My grandmother is very resourceful. She managed to raise a big family without a lot of money.

I think I am decisive. I make decisions quickly.

I think I could be good at sales because I am very charismatic.

I am always enthusiastic when it comes to trying new things.

I am a proactive kind of person. I like to initiate projects and see them through.

My younger brother is very playful. He makes everything into a game.

I try to keep active in my personal and professional life. I am always on the move.

I don’t think I am very funny. My jokes are terrible.

He is very good humored. You never see him angry.

I think my mother is courageous. She left her country to begin a new life in a new country.

My best friend Fiona is very reliable. She is always on time and there when you need her.

I try to be generous with my time and help people who need my expertise.

I am very loyal to the company I work for. I had three other job offers but I chose to stay with them.

It was so kind of you to remember my birthday.

Maria will tell you the truth, she is very sincere.

I have to say my boss is quite tolerant. We are allowed to work flexi-time and we play a lot of jokes in the office.

My niece has just turned three and I think she is adorable. She loves animals and playing outside.

Even though my great uncle is 86, he is full of life. He goes dancing every Friday in the city!

As someone young and exuberant he has amassed a huge following on social media.

I love working with Marie, she is bubbly and full of chat.

I think the way you spoke up for the team in the meeting was very bold and brave.


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