Vocabulary for Talking About Negative Personality Traits

Talking about: Neutral Personality Traits

My father always wins an argument because he is so persuasive. You can’t help agreeing with him.

Some people tell me I am too ambitious. My dream is to play in a band and tour the world.

My grandfather was tough on his children. He expected a lot from them.


Talking about: Negative Personality Traits

The new CEO comes across as very dominant. You can tell he already has a lot of power.

I find it hard to get on with people who are bossy. I don't like when others tell me what to do.

You are too wild. If you continue to party like this, you will never graduate from university.

I find John to be very silly. He spends time on unimportant tasks and makes stupid jokes.

I have to admit I am very impatient. I don’t like waiting for things.

My mother is so stubborn. It’s impossible to convince her to change her mind.

I couldn’t spend time with someone who is intolerant. An open mind is so important for success.

I found the sales team a bit pushy. They were trying to make me pay for something I didn’t want.

Customers don't like sales tactics that are aggressive.

It is very difficult to trust someone after you discover they have been dishonest.

I try not to be rude, but it’s hard not to interrupt when someone is speaking nonsense.

I don’t get on with Lilly. I find her to be incredibly abrasive.

Too many people working in the industry are greedy and only think about profits.

The approach she took, knowing it would harm so many people, was nothing short of malicious.

I am not a jealous person, but I would admit I am competitive when it comes to moving up in my career.

Someone who is selfish does not make a great addition to a team.



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