Vocabulary for Talking About Live Entertainment

Talking About: Live Entertainment

Music/Sport has …the power to unite and connect people.

Concerts allow people to connect …regardless of their cultural backgrounds.

Live events have the ability to…reach across cultural boundaries.

Street entertainment can…transcend national boundaries.

If we look back to…events that took place

Back in the… 1980s/1970s

The show/concert/match/event was…broadcast live to a global audience.

The show/concert/parade/match/tournament was… pre-recorded and broadcast globally.

The festival/fundraiser consisted of…several events held simultaneously.

It was held in order to… raise funds for (charity/a campaign)/increase international public awareness.

It was a huge/global success.

Music/mime/dance/sport is the planet's shared language.

Music/dance/gesture transcends cultures.

It appeals to …different generations/young people/old and young alike/a diverse demographic.

The theme tune/single was …a memorable melody/a rousing hymn/an anthem for our time.

The music had …a catchy rhythm/a magical effect.

The event/festival/tournament/games…attracts incredibly broad audiences.

It has events/acts/performances which…(appeal to children, parents and grandparents alike).

It manages to bring families/communities/individuals together.

It is marketed as…(a family friendly event).

We launched…a huge arts festival with multiple stages.

There is a form of entertainment to suit/appeal to everyone.

The festival/event is…unique in its capacity to…

It's an opportunity to…(create shared experiences).

…irrespective of culture and age

A flourishing music/poetry/theatre scene.

There was cheering and rapturous applause/a standing ovation/cries for an encore.

The audience booed and hissed.


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