Vocabulary for Talking About Social Issues

Talking about: Social or Family Issues

I come from a strict religious family. My mother and father are very devout.

My grandparents are quite conservative. They don’t believe in co-habitation before marriage.

My parents can sometimes be old-fashioned in their way of thinking. They believe women should stay at home to mind the children.

The child was raised in an abusive environment where they experienced violence.

I don't believe in corporal punishment. Hitting children is wrong.

She experienced neglect when she was young. She often didn't have enough to eat or clean clothes to wear.

Juvenile delinquency is a big problem in the suburbs. Petty crime and destruction of private property is everywhere.

Research shows that isolation and lack of community support leads to addiction when it comes to alcohol and drugs.

The recession lead to huge amounts of unemployment throughout the country.

The apartments are situation in a part of town that many would describe as a deprived/disadvantaged area.

Many of the working class are living on benefits/social security/the dole.

Food shortages and poverty have lead to the need for food banks in many towns.

The mother left and abandoned her partner and children.

Crime is everywhere and visitors are urged to beware of scams, muggings and pickpockets.

The prevalence of gangs and crime make this a hostile community to grow up in.

Many people find themselves in toxic relationships where coercive control and domestic violence are the norm.

Divorce was only legalised in the '80s.

Most young people are partnered in an arranged marriage.


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