Vocabulary for Talking About Family

In the IELTS Speaking Exam, and in general everyday conversation, you are likely to be asked about your family. Here are some helpful expressions to get you started. There is also a handy image below that you can save for your learning:


Speaking about your place in the Family

I am an only child. (Note: Not a LONELY child)

I am the oldest (or eldest).

I am a twin.

I am the youngest.

I am the middle child.

I have three brothers and sisters.


Talking about Family Traits

We are a traditional family.

We are a big family.

We are an unusual family.

We are a typical family.

I take after my mother.

I look like my…(father).

I look just like my mother. We share the same features.

I don’t think we look alike.

I resemble my…(grandmother).

People tell me I have the same features as my…(aunt).

We use the same gestures.

I have the same temperament as… (my father/mother in law)

We share a few different mannerisms.

We have a lot in common.

We share an interest in…sport/music etc.

A love of music runs in the family.

Brown eyes run in the family.

I was brought up in…(the catholic faith/a big extended family/the city.

A love of sport is in our genes.



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