1. the possibility of success in something






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his/her job prospects are good/bad

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prospect refers to the potential or possibility of something happening in the future. A prospect as a noun can refer to a potential customer or client. You can refer to someone who is likely to succeed or has a strong chance of achieving something as a good prospect. A prospect can also refer to an imagined or mental picture or a vision of an ideal future. A prospect is also a place or geographical location which has a high probability of valuable mineral deposits such a gold. A prospect can also refer to a view of a landscape or scenery, although this use is largely archaic and formal. As a verb to prospect means to search for valuable minerals through excavation, drilling or digging for example. To prospect can also mean to search for or to seek something.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Once the recession hit, many young people left Ireland for Australia because of the excellent job prospects for English speaking graduates there.
  2. After David's accident, the doctors were uncertain about the prospects of him making a full recovery. They said that it would be a case of wait and see.
  3. My career prospects have been looking up ever since I closed that big deal last week. The sky's the limit for me now!

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  1. We met a team of geologists who were prospecting for oil off the coat.
  2. A journalist uncovered a series of bribes that were paid to ensure a prospecting license was granted to overseas gas companies.
  3. We like to hire people who are enthusiastic and whose prospects will improve with internal training.

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