(seal/close) the (deal/sale)


1. finalise an agreement or make it official






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meet with Client to seal/close the deal

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Sometimes people just say 'close' to refer to closing a deal or sale: "Did you close?" However, these variations, 'seal the deal', 'close the deal', or 'close the sale', all mean the same thing. People don't really say 'seal the sale', so you would sound strange if you said that. 'Seal the deal' is slightly less formal, and you might not want to use it in a highly professional situation. It can also have entirely different connotations in Slang usage, as sometimes to 'seal the deal' means to have sex with someone (as if one participant had been 'negotiating' his or her way towards this physical act). So be careful how you use it!

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Peter is planning to ask Helen to marry him. He thinks that the romantic trip to Paris he has booked will help seal the deal.
  2. I was reluctant to buy the house at first, but the seller offered me a large discount which sealed the deal.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. The negotiations have been going very well, so I'm hoping that the deal will be sealed by this weekend.
  2. Try to quickly close the sale with our clients before they change their minds.
  3. In this Sales position, you will learn how to pitch the product and close the deal.

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a deal-breaker

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