(a) faux pas


1. an embarrassing or impolite error made in a social situation






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make a bit of a faux pas

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'Faux pas' is a French term used in English to refer to a social or behavioural mistake - usually, one which causes embarrassment or causes offence. You can 'make a faux pas', or 'commit a faux pas'. This is a polite term used in both social and professional contexts, but it's not very popular and may sound a little pretentious in everyday conversation.

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  1. I made a bit of a faux pas at the dinner party by asking Jennifer how her husband was. I forgot they divorced last year!

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  1. Andrew put his foot in his mouth with a comment he made to the boss at the function. If he keeps making faux pas like that, he will never get promoted.
  2. It was an unacceptable faux pas for Emily to be looking at her phone while John was giving his presentation. She really should have known better.

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