(bring/get) up to speed


1. fill sb in on something; pass on information to sb who missed it






Check Icon How to Memorize

bring them up to speed on the new plan

Check Icon Analysis

To 'get up to speed' with something means to move at the same pace as something else or to be well informed or knowledgeable about something, especially when it comes to details or the latest information. "Jennifer needs to get her typing up to speed. She's producing considerably less than everyone else." "Can you bring Hazel up to speed on the latest changes? She hasn't been here for a while." This idiomatic expression can be heard in social and professional situations.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Please bring everyone up to speed on the new plan that we discussed.
  2. My job was to get every new employee up to speed on our new policy.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. We need to get up to speed with the new data protection laws so we can plan accordingly.
  2. We have invested in training to bring all of our staff up to speed with the latest innovations in our field.
  3. It is clear from the data breaches that there was a failure to ensure security measure were up to speed with the latest requirements.

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