(attract/seek/draw) attention


1. turn focus onto sth or someone; cause someone to notice or look at sth






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attract/seek/draw attention (to)

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'Attention' is focus given to something that interests you. You can attract or draw attention by doing something that causes people to be interested in something. You can attract attention by doing something different than the norm. You might want to draw someones attention to a worrying statistic or something you think they should see. If you 'seek attention' it means to try to attract focus or behave in a way that puts focus on to you. These are expressions that can be used in a variety of contexts.

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  1. Let me draw your attention to our significant growth in the second quarter, said the businesswoman.
  2. The politician was criticised for seeking attention with her controversial comments on social media.

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  1. We need to be sneaky, so try not to bring attention to yourself.
  2. I'd like to bring this painting to your attention, said the museum guide.
  3. The police created a distraction to draw everyone's attention to the front while they stormed in from the back door.
  4. A great way to attract attention is to be very loud in a quiet place.
  5. You need to seek medical attention for that deep cut because you might need stitches.

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