(walk/take) through


1. instruct someone as to the steps of a process






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walk/take me through the process, provide a walk-through

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Both variations of this phrasal verb mean the same thing: show or explain to someone how something works, or what steps to follow to make it work. You can insert a hyphen into 'walk through' to use it as a noun - i.e. a walk-through - but do not use take-through. You are more likely to hear this used in a professional context.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. The IT expert provided staff with a detailed walk-through of the new operating system.
  2. My boss walked me through the task he wanted done so that I wouldn't make any mistakes.
  3. The new employee looked on as her Supervisor took her through the process of attracting clients.
  4. Let me take you through the process of opening an account, said the bank employee.

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