Collocations With The Word Get

Collocations are words that usually go together in English.

Here we are going to look at words that go with 'get' to make useful and popular expressions you will hear in social and professional contexts.

Got you(!) (gotcha)

The exclamation 'got you!', usually shortened to 'gotcha', expresses pleasure in getting the better of somebody or catching them out. In this context it can be used as a pejorative term. It can also be used to express understanding of what somebody is telling you.


  • "Gotcha!" The police officer yelled as he caught the fleeing thief.
  • The reporter put the politician on the spot with a real 'gotcha' question.
  • I can't take that news organization seriously. They just engage in 'gotcha' journalism.
  • Person A: "I want you to call the client and explain the situation to him carefully." Person B: "Gotcha. I'll get right on it."

Get a raise

If you 'get a raise', you earn or are rewarded with an increase in salary.


  • I've been trying for months to get a raise, but the boss keeps giving me excuses about why it's not possible.
  • It's written into my contract that I will automatically be getting a raise once I've been here for 2 years.
  • Lisa got a raise, but she still felt undervalued at that company and ended up stepping down from her position.

Get the message

When you 'get the message', you understand something that is not being said directly.


  • The company never told me that I didn't get the job, but when they didn't return my phone calls, I got the message.
  • I have no interest in being friends with Trevor. I wish he would just get the message and leave me alone!
  • After recent fines for poor timekeeping, I think staff are finally getting the message that lateness will not be tolerated.

Get the sack

To 'get the sack' means to be dismissed from a job or task.


  • Thank goodness I managed to fix my error in time. I was so close to getting the sack!
  • Person A: "Where's Susan? I haven't seen her all week." Person B: "She doesn't work here anymore. She got the sack."
  • You need to start pulling your weight around here. You'll get the sack if you carry on like this.

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