1. move forward, improve over time, forward motion (usually with positive results)






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monitor/make progress, rate of progress, progress in work/studies

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Verb or noun (see 'progressive' for adjective) Progress refers to the movement towards a destination goal or improvement in condition. We usually talk about progress in relation to the advancement of a project or activity towards its conclusion.

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  1. His injury is healing very well, so he's making great progress.
  2. We set up cameras and other equipment to monitor his progress.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. I always aim to progress at work. There's no point just doing the same as everyone else.
  2. She really wants to progress in her career, so she works overtime and takes on more responsibilities.
  3. By hitting your sales targets every month, you have a better chance of career progression.
  4. The work is progressing very well. We hope to see results soon.
  5. The rate of progress has really slowed down. I don't think we'll meet the deadline.
  6. I think our sales' figures last month are testament to our progress in the market.

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