(testament/testimony) to (something)


1. an indication or proof that something exists or is true






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a testament/testimony to somebody's perseverance

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 One of the definitions of the word 'testament,' when taken on its own, is 'to make a statement of belief,' and of 'testimony': 'to provide evidence under oath.' Therefore, when you say that something is a 'testament/testimony to' something, you are providing support for, or giving evidence to prove a claim, opinion, or idea. Both variations of this expression can be used in either a social or professional setting, though 'testament' is seen as being more conventional. 

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  1. The award was a fitting testament to the tireless good work that the charity does in the community.
  2. The fact that the party went off without a hitch is a testimony to Sarah's brilliant organizational skills.

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  1. I'm amazed that James got his business up and running after suffering so many setbacks. It really is a testimony to his perseverance.
  2. The startup's success bears testament to the hard work that the founder has put in since its inception.

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