career (progression/advancement)


1. the process of moving up from one level to another in your career






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opportunity for/guarantee of career progression/advancement

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Career progression or advancement is the process of moving up a level in your job or career, receiving more responsibilities or getting a promotion. These are expressions you would use in a professional context like an interview where you might ask about 'career advancement opportunities' or your long term plans and goals.

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  1. One of the things that really interests me about this role, is the opportunity for career advancement.
  2. In order to provide career advancement for our employees, it is important to set goals, have a plan and be dedicated to continuous training.
  3. I'm not sure I'll stay in this job. I don't think there's any guarantee of career advancement, and I've been working here for five years!
  4. We like to promote employees from within the company, in order to do this, we have a career progression plan for each employee.
  5. At times a sideways move within a corporation can be a good way of learning new skills and even contribute to career progression over time.

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