IELTS General Reading Sample 2.3

Section 2: Workplace Survival - Appointment Letter Corporate

Abhishek is among the final few shortlisted for multiple vacancies for IT Sales Manager and has received a letter offering him an appointment. Read the letter and answer the questions which follow.


Sample Letter

Sub: Letter of appointment for IT Sales Manager

Dear Abhishek,

We are pleased to inform you that you have successfully cleared all the stages of the selection procedure. We have shortlisted you, and would like to appoint you as one of the IT Sales Managers at our company ABC InfoTech, week ending April 16, 2021. Your location of work will be at our Dublin office.

You will be reporting to our Regional Sales Manager and your work hours will be from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Your responsibilities will include but will not be limited to:

  • Speak to clients, either face to face or over the phone

  • Gain an understanding of clients' diverse and specific business needs and apply product knowledge to meet requirements

  • Ensure quality of service by developing a thorough and detailed knowledge of technical specifications and other features of employers' systems and processes

  • Carry out cold-calling in order to create interest in products and services, generate new business leads, and arrange meetings

  • Identify and develop new business through networking and follow-up calls

  • Prepare and deliver presentations and demonstrations of software to clients

  • Market and promote a portfolio of products by writing and designing sales literature and attending industry events

  • Maintain awareness and keep abreast of constantly changing software and hardware systems and peripherals

  • Develop effective sales plans using sales methodology

  • Systems and networks maintenance, both before and after the sale

  • Advise on software features and how they can be applied to assist in a variety of contexts such as accounting, manufacturing or other specialist areas

  • Meet sales targets set by department and contribute to team targets

  • Network with existing customers in order to maintain links and promote additional products and upgrades

  • Handle hardware or software problems and faults, referring on to specialist technical colleagues where appropriate

  • Respond to tender documents, proposals, and reports

  • Manage workload in order to organise and prioritise daily and weekly goals

  • Contribute to team or progress meetings to update and inform colleagues


As an employee, you will be entitled to benefits, such as:

  • Flexible working hours and unlimited home office

  • 5 weeks of vacation, 2 sick days, an additional personal day for each year with the company

  • Health insurance for self, spouse and up to two children

  • Personal and professional development, education (online language and other courses, conference tickets, a well-stocked office library)

  • Experienced team to support your professional growth

  • “Unlimited playground” (Room to adjust and expand your role, or switch teams based on your individual skills and interests)

  • Modern hardware/equipment (laptop, mobile phone, headphones, office chair, desk, monitor for your home office)

  • 20/50 GB of mobile data to improve your home office work experience

  • FlexiPass card, free entrance to the Zoo, Botanical Garden and other sites

  • Employee appreciation gifts throughout the year

  • Relaxed work environment

  • Office bikes, skateboards, and electric scooters

  • Great coffee and refreshments in the kitchen; additional meal passes as applicable

The full list of benefits and terms of your employment along with the terms and policies of our company is included in our brochure, which will be provided to you on the day of joining.

The HR executive from the department will get in touch with you for a comprehensive job description for your role very soon, along with the company policy document.

If you have any questions or queries at any time, directly contact the HR department or your direct manager accordingly. We wish you all the very best in your job.



Anna Thomas

Recruitment Manager


Sample Questions

Q1. Complete the following statement based on the information given in the passage:

Abhishek has been hired ___________ABC InfoTech _____ ______ IT Sales Manager _______ their office in Dublin.

A) with, to, be, in

B) by, to, be, at

C) by, as, an, for

D) for, as, a, in

Q2. Evaluate the following statements and answer by choosing one of the options:

(i) Abhishek is one of a few candidates selected for the same position by ABC InfoTech.

(ii) Abhishek is the only candidate who has been offered an appointment for the position out of a few others.

(iii) ABC InfoTech had multiple vacancies for the same position at their Dubin location.

A) (i) and (iii) are True, (ii) is False

B) (i) is False, (ii) and (iii) are True

C) (i), (ii) and (iii) are False

D) Cannot say

Q3. One of the responsibilities outlined for the position of an IT Sales Manager is: “Ensure quality of service by developing a thorough and detailed knowledge of technical specifications and other features of employers' systems and processes”

Suggest an alternative for “thorough and detailed knowledge.”

A) “expert and systematic knowledge”

B) “full and analytical knowledge”

C) “comprehensive and in-depth knowledge”

D) “basic and bird's eye view knowledge”

Q4. In the letter, the word “network” has been used in multiple contexts. List any two.

A) Networking and Network

B) Communication and Technology

C) Meeting and Calling

D) Clients and Sales

Q5. The letter lists various ways of communication with clients. Some of them are listed below. Identify the one that has not been mentioned in the letter.

(i) Cold Call

(ii) Face to face meeting

(iii) Follow-up call

(iv) Deliver presentation

A) Deliver presentation

B) Face to face meeting

C) Follow-up call

D) All have been mentioned

Q6. According to the appointment letter, Abhishek is entitled to how many days of leave per year?

A) 35

B) 28

C) 27

D) 25

Q7. The company promises “Unlimited playground” to Abhishek for the role. What do you understand by that expression?

A) unlimited performance

B) flexible growth opportunities

C) unlimited exposure to sports

D) freedom to do anything

Q8. Examine the following statement and state “True” or “False.”

In this appointment letter, the company has neither presented the full list of responsibilities for the job role, nor the complete list of their terms and conditions, nor the complete outline of the employee benefits.

A) True

B) False

C) Cannot say

D) Not given

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