IELTS General Reading Sample 1.1

Section 1: Social Survival - Sample 1

As a resident of an urban housing development, you receive a notification about an upcoming power cut to facilitate essential works. Read the notification and answer the questions which follow.


Sample Notice

BrightSpark Energy Company

Electric Avenue


16th April 2021

Dear Resident,

This is a notification to inform you of our intent to disconnect the electricity supply in your area for upcoming essential repair operations. Following recent surges in the regional grid, we have been left with no choice but to accelerate our plans to upgrade an already overworked energy network, with a view to providing you, our valued customers, with the best possible service.

It is unfortunate that we will have to temporarily halt the supply of electricity to your area for two hours per day, for three consecutive days beginning tomorrow (April 17) but rest assured that this will be done during off-peak (overnight) hours, and that all of our customers will be compensated with a 10% discount applied to their next energy bill. We trust that this will go some way to alleviating the difficulties this short outage might create.

Notwithstanding potential delays or extensions to the planned repair works, we endeavour to ensure that the repair work proceeds with the least amount of inconvenience caused to our customers, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to improve our services and adapt to an ever-expanding network and an increasing reliance on our energy supply for your everyday needs.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, and thank you for being a valued customer of BrightSpark, where ideas come to life.

The Manager

BrightSpark Energy


Sample Questions

Q1. Complete the sentence with appropriate details from the passage:

As per the notice, _______ is the area where electricity supply will be disrupted for _____________and _____________ .

A) Downtown, One hour, three days

B) Electric Avenue, two hours, three days

C) Electric Avenue, off peak hours, three days

D) Downtown, three hours, two days

Q2. Complete the sentence with appropriate details from the passage:

The residents will be compensated with __________ discount on their electricity bills.

A) 20 percent

B) USD10

C) 10 percent

D) Cannot say

Q3. In light of the notice, examine the following statement and choose one of the options:

BrightSpark Energy Company’s 10 percent discount will be applicable for one bill only.

A) True

B) False

C) Not given

D) Cannot say

Q4. Complete the sentence with appropriate details from the passage:

The tagline of the BrightSpark Energy Company is ________________.

A) “overworked energy network”

B) “the best possible service”

C) “where ideas come to life”

D) Not given

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