IELTS General Reading Sample 2.1

Section 2: Workplace Survival - Job Description

A company, ‘Aged Care Network’, needs to hire suitable persons for a position. Read their Job Description carefully and answer the questions that follow.


Welcome to a Growing Company

Company: Aged Care Network

Position: Data Entry Associate

Schedule: Full-time

Location: Missoula, MT

Aged Care Network is all about caring for people. Care is at our core, and we strive to live up to it every single day. We specialize in providing home and community-based services that support individuals with disabilities and older adults so they can remain in their homes and communities in 14 states across the USA, as well as Washington DC.


Position Overview

Aged Care Network is seeking a Data Entry Associate to work remotely or in our office located in Missoula, MT. Data Entry Associates process all paper timesheets for ACN caregivers to ensure accurate payroll processing. They run pre-billing reports on our service log records to identify potential billing issues including overlapping time, time exceeding pre-approved authorizations, and non-payment to ensure employees are being paid correctly. Data Entry is also responsible for special processes that require creating records for accurate payment, billing, or accounts reconciliation.

In the Aged Care Network our employees are committed, dependable, professional and accountable. We have high standards for how our employees conduct themselves at work and in the communities we support. Our company values of Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence guide us in all we do. Come join our team and be a part of a rewarding career helping others!

Apply with confidence at the Job Site or the company career page.

*To be considered for employment, please include a resume.



  1. Process specifically assigned timesheets timely and accurately

  2. Work assigned pre-bill reports timely to meet payroll and billing deadlines

  3. Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing

  4. Comply with applicable legal requirements, standards, policies, and procedures

  5. Engage in and facilitate positive and cohesive team environments

  6. Demonstrate effective problem-solving and decision-making skills

  7. Exhibit computer efficiency

  8. Maintain necessary skills and knowledge to coordinate work flow

  9. Participate in professional development and training activities

  10. Prioritize and multitask effectively

  11. Provide excellent customer service to internal and external clients

  12. Other duties as assigned



  1. Microsoft Office experience preferred

  2. High School Diploma preferred

  3. Prior office experience preferred

  4. This position requires sufficient internet access provided by the employee

  5. Be able to successfully pass a background screening


What's In It For You

When you join Aged Care Network, you will be exposed to numerous professional development opportunities. We welcome your contributions and value your integrity as we collaborate on work that moves us all toward a compassionate community. We have a long history of helping individuals build their careers in the home-care industry. This is truly a place where there is something for everyone, whether you are looking to support a particular lifestyle, seeking professional growth, or seeking new and challenging work, all in an expanding nationwide company with that small-company feel. Most importantly, you will experience the satisfaction of working in a culture built on caring. Caring for others comes naturally at Aged Care Network, based in our long history of connecting people and championing change, all geared toward helping others. We are proud of the longevity and loyalty of our employees. Their commitment to doing good work is what makes us a leader in the industry.

 As a Consumer Care Network team member you will receive:

  • Benefits for all employees*

  • Rewarding career helping others

  • Fun and engaging work environment built on team unity

  • Paid Time Off for the things you love to do

  • Holiday and Sick Time available

  • Retirement planning

  • Professional training to help advance your skills for career development

  • Job satisfaction, knowing you make a difference in the work you do and lives we serve

*Benefits may vary depending on employment status


Who We Are

Aged Care Network specializes in home and community-based services that assist older adults and individuals of all ages with disabilities and impairments to continue to live their lives independently in their own homes and communities. We provide coordinated service delivery in 16 states and the District of Columbia. Our services span from financial management services and support brokerage to traditional agency in-home care and caregiving to behavioral health. We have extensive experience with Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and with supporting people who pay for their own care.

The Aged Care Network (and its subsidiaries) is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a drug-free workplace.

For additional information about any of the jobs posted, help applying, or for other employment questions, please contact us at


Sample Questions

Q1. Complete the statement on the basis of information provided in the passage:

Aged Care Network wants to hire _______________________________

A) Data Entry Associate for Missoula, MT location.

B) a full-time data entry associate for their office in Missoula, MT.

C) a data entry associate

D) a data entry associate to work full-time

Q2. Read the following details regarding the responsibilities associated with the position and state “True” or “False”:

  1. Must be a team player and contribute towards a healthy team culture

  2. Maintain timesheets and other data properly and free of errors

  3. Excellent verbal and written communication and working knowledge of handling computers

  4. Ability to work under legal compliance and standard operating procedures

A) 2. & 3. True and 1. & 4. False

B) 1., 2., 3., True and 4. False

C) All options are True

D) Cannot say

Q3. Complete the sequence of events associated with applying for the above position:

a) Read about the company; b) Read the name of the position; c) Read the responsibilities of the role; d) _________________________; e) _______________________; f) Modify and send your resume at the job site or company portal; g) _________________

A) d) Search for the company website, e) Contact the company for any additional query by email , g) Read the qualifications and experience required

B) d) Contact the company for any additional query on email, e) Read the qualifications and experience required, g) Call the company’s office to request for an interview

C) d) Search for the exact location of the job, e) Read what the company is offering, g) Contact the company for any additional query by email

D) d) Read the qualifications and experience required, e) Read what the company is offering, g) Contact the company for any additional query by email

Q4. Read the Position Overview section and identify the major categories of work required to be done for the position of data entry associate.

A) Resolve billing issues, Payroll management, Audit service log records

B) Payroll processing, Pre-billing reports, Creating accurate financial records

C) Accounting, Data corrections

D) Payroll processing, Accounting

Q5. On the basis of your reading the Introductory section and Who We Are section, briefly summarise the nature of operations of the company. (Not more than 75 words)

Q6. Examine the below statement and answer “True” or “False”:

According to the list of benefits offered by the company, an employee is not entitled to receive company sponsored health insurance.

A) True

B) False

C) Not given

D) Cannot say

Q7. What are the core values of Aged Care Network?

A) Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence

B) Care and Growth

C) Compassion, Excellence, Accuracy and Care

D) Not given

Q8. What are the key qualities of the employees of Aged Care Network?

A) Professional, Accountable, Committed and Dependable

B) Professionalism, Accountability, Commitment and Dependability

C) Compassionate, Accurate and Trainable

D) Ambitious, Caring, Compassionate and Flexible


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