IELTS General Reading Sample 1.2

Section 1: Social Survival - Sample 2

You receive a letter from the Residents' Association, inviting you to join their Neighbour Watch program. Read the letter and answer the questions which follow.


Sample Letter

Dear Neighbour,

As Chairperson of the Woodlands Residents' Association, I would like to formally welcome you to the area. You will find your neighbours friendly and accommodating, and we hope that you will be very happy here.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many urban housing developments, there is always the risk of petty crime and burglary, and we in the Residents' Association pride ourselves in remaining vigilant at all times, and looking out for each other in our close-knit community. It is with this in mind that we invite you to join our Neighbourhood Watch program, which exists and operates to protect us all from intrusion and harm.

We have a small yearly administration fee of $100, for which you will be added to our list of contributors and invited to our regular meetings, keeping you apprised of the activities which make this community a safe and relaxing environment in which to live. We will provide you with a ‘Member of Woodlands Neighbourhood Watch’ sign, which you can display on your windows, front and back. This alerts would-be burglars to the fact that you are part of a network of vigilant residents. You will also be added to our WhatsApp group, ensuring that any suspicious activity observed by any of our residents can be shared to the Neighbourhood Watch group instantaneously.

One of our members is a Police Officer, and he hosts monthly meetings to ensure that everyone knows how best to secure and protect their homes from intruders. This month’s meeting will take place on Friday at 7pm at house number 12. We look forward to seeing you there.

Please bring your $100 fee with you on Friday, and we will fill out your membership form. We look forward to meeting you.

Kind regards

Mary Smith, Chairperson

Woodlands Residents' Association


Sample Questions

Q1. Complete the sentence with appropriate details from the passage:

The notice has been issued by_____________________, ____________________ of ___________________________.

A) Mary Smith, Chairperson, Neighbourhood Watch

B) Chairperson, Mary Smith, Neighbourhood Watch

C) Chairperson, Mary Smith, Woodlands Residents' Association

D) Mary Smith, Chairperson, Woodlands Residents' Association

Q2. Examine the following statements and answer “True” or “False” among the options:

(i) The Neighbourhood Watch program offers membership for yearly administration fee of $100.
(ii) The Neighbourhood Watch program is connected to a police station to arrest burglers.
(iii) The Neighbourhood Watch program also has a police officer as a member.
(iv) The Woodlands Residents' Association has formed the Neighbourhood Watch program for vigilance in the neighbourhood.

A) (i), (ii) and (iii) are True; (iv) is False

B) (i), (ii) and (iv) are True; (iii) is False

C) (i), (iii) and (iv) are True; (ii) is False

D) All the options are True

Q3. According to the notice, all members of the Neighbourhood Watch program get _________________________.

A) ‘Member of Woodlands Neighbourhood' watch’ sign and Neighbourhood Watch WhatsApp group

B) ‘Member of Woodlands Neighbourhood' watch’ sign and invites to regular meetings

C) ‘Member of Woodlands Neighbourhood' watch’ sign, Neighbourhood Watch WhatsApp group and $100 annually

D) ‘Member of Woodlands Neighbourhood' watch’ sign, Neighbourhood Watch WhatsApp group and invites to regular meetings

Q4. State “True” or “False”:

According to the chairperson, the membership to the neighbourhood vigilance program to create a safer community is voluntary and optional, however, the annual fee of $100 is compulsory for members.

A) False

B) True

C) Partly True

D) Cannot say


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