give directions


1. advise someone on a particular route or course of action






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give directions to a colleague/motorist

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To ‘give directions’ can mean to advise someone as to which route to take to arrive at a particular place. “Can you give me directions to the theatre from here?” To give directions can also mean to give a series of commands. “I will be out of the office tomorrow but I have given directions to my team on what to prioritize.” ‘Directions’ can also refer to the advice given by someone “The doctor gave directions to rest for a few days.” “The only directions I can give you are to sit down with your partner and see if you can sort things out.” You will hear this phrasal verb used both in social and professional contexts.

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  1. The motorcyclist pulled over to give directions to the lost driver.
  2. I won't be around at the weekend but I have given directions so everyone knows what needs to be done.
  3. I wish someone would give me direction on how to have a successful career.

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  1. One of the supervisor's jobs was to give directions to new employees.
  2. I can only give directions to your team on how I think they should proceed but the final decision is in your hands.
  3. We have been given directions by head office with everyone needs to be aware of and to sign.

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