1. describe the main facts or features of something






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outline plans/proposal/responsibilities/belief

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An outline can be a line or set of lines which suggest the shape of an object or person in a drawing or sketch. An outline can also be a general description or a plan which describes or gives the main facts or features of something. The verb to outline can mean to trace or draw the shape of something or to give a summary of the bare information of something.

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  1. At the event, the politician wasted no time in outlining his belief that the government's current policy on Europe was flawed and needed a drastic overhaul.
  2. Maria is so talented at drawing, she had the outline of the sketch done in just a few minutes.
  3. I don't have my essay finished yet just the outline of what I plan to write.

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  1. For those who missed the meeting, please look through the minutes. They will provide you with a broad outline of what was discussed.
  2. At the AGM, the chairman outlined his plans to expand the business overseas in order to tap into new markets.

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