cover all bases


1. ensure every possibility is considered






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cover all my/your bases

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If you 'cover all bases' you are ensuring that every possibility is considered and that you have planned in advance for any eventuality. You might use this idiom when planning an event for example. "I have ordered gluten-free pizza and vegan pizza to cover all the bases!" It is often used in situations where you are expected to prepare in advance such as a legal issue or a debate. "Let's have the witnesses statements to hand to cover all our bases." This is an idiom that can be used in social and professional contexts

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  1. After an unsuccessful Performance Review, I'll make sure to cover all of my bases before my next one.
  2. I covered all of my bases before making my presentation and I am now ready for questions.

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  1. I brought a few different documents to the bank to prove my address to cover all bases. I wasn't sure which ones they would accept.
  2. I applied to a few different colleges to cover all bases just in case I didn't get my first preference.

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