1. dealing with all aspects of something, all-encompassing






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comprehensive car insurance/training/policy

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Something 'comprehensive' is all-inclusive or deals with all or every aspect of something in a detailed way. This adjective could be used to describe a study or research 'a comprehensive study of mitochondrial DNA' or 'comprehensive research into local folk traditions'. 'Comprehensive insurance' should cover you for most scenarios. A 'comprehensive education' is one which is considered well rounded with learning in many different areas and subjects. In the UK 'a comprehensive' (noun) is used to describe this particular kind of school. This is an adjective used more in business contexts. 

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  1. Comprehensive car insurance covers you for all accidents and any eventuality. It's well worth the extra expense.
  2. This book is a comprehensive study of French history leading up to the revolution.

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  1. GDPR requirements dictate that we need comprehensive data protection policies for all of our activities.
  2. Older customers prefer comprehensive subscriptions while younger generations prefer to pay for what they use.
  3. I would like a comprehensive report outlining the direction the analytics determine we should take.

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