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warn or criticize somebody

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admonish - scold

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The formal word ‘admonish’ means to tell somebody that they have done or said something wrong. Unlike many of its synonyms, the severity of the scolding fluctuates depending on who is being addressed. If you admonish a child or somebody at a lower level of authority than you, then you do so in a strict and firm way. However, if you admonish a person perceived to be on the same level as you, it tends to take the form of earnest and gentle advice.


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  1. I did not hesitate to admonish the student for being late because I wanted to make it clear to all that such behaviour would not be tolerated.

  2. Despite an admonishment from my manager, I continued to speak my mind in meetings as I resent being dictated to.

  3. I want Lisa to improve and make the most of her potential, so my admonition of her work was entirely measured and constructive.

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