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having skill or ability at something

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adept - skilled

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To be ‘adept’ at something means to be very proficient and accomplished at it. Unlike other similar words, ‘adept’ does not just denote great knowledge and experience in something, it also implies a special aptitude that somebody may naturally have. Typically used in a positive context, though people may also be adept at things that are harmful.

Synonyms proficient,accomplished
Antonyms clumsy,incompetent,incapable

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  1. I’m putting David in charge of the negotiations. He’s pretty adept at getting deals over the line.

  2. My adeptness at fixing computers and software issues means that I always have a steady stream of work coming in.

  3. Even though it was her first week, Sarah handled the mix-up with the suppliers so adeptly you’d think she had been working in the industry for years!

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