Work-Style Conflict

As well as clashing over personalities and other aspects of working together, people can clash over their style of work. One employee might like to do things one way, while another one prefers another way. Staff members can lose sight of the fact that once they’re achieving the same goal, sometimes it doesn’t matter which avenues we pursue. Some people need no extra direction to complete a task, while others like external input and direction every step of the way. Some people get more work done under pressure, and others like to knock their tasks out early.

As a manager, it’s vital that you understand that people have different styles of working. If you’re aware of how people work, then you can better manage employee conflicts if and when they arise.

Identify your employees' personality types as early as possible. By doing this, you can decide who works better with who, who gets the best out of who, and who shouldn’t work too closely together. Identifying employees' traits at an early stage puts you on the front foot and allows prevention of a work-style conflict rather than having to deal with it when it happens.

As a subordinate, the need to stand your ground could instinctively bubble up to the surface if you’re faced with this situation. Remember – STAY PROFESSIONAL. It’s very, very easy to become emotional in this circumstance because, let’s face it, everyone is proud of their own work.

Stay professional and respectful of your colleague, the office and yourself.

Remind yourself of your colleagues' differences. Allow yourself to entertain a different perspective, but make sure you’ve explained yours, too. Weigh up the pros and cons of different perspectives, and include your colleagues in discussions about which is the best or most efficient way to work. If you can’t come to an agreement, that’s no problem…IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.

Good luck!

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