never mind


1. disregard something or don't worry about it






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never mind, I'll do it myself

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This expression can be used to tell somebody not to worry about something because it is not important or because you forgive an error they have made. You will often hear somebody say 'never mind' after receiving an apology. It can also be used to say that you will take care of a situation yourself. Tone matters, though, as saying this expression in an irritated or annoyed tone changes its meaning. If someone apologises and you reply "never mind' angrily, you are making it clear that you are still very annoyed, but just do not want to speak about it anymore. Similarly, saying 'never mind, I'll do it' in such a tone indicates your frustration at someone's failure to do something. It is common in both a social and professional setting.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Person A: "I'm so sorry that I crashed your car!" Person B: "Never mind. At least no one was hurt."
  2. Person A: "Did you ring the electrician today?" Person B: "No. Sorry, I forgot." Person A: "Typical. Never mind, I'll do it myself, then."
  3. Nevermind about cleaning up, I'll look after it.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Person A: "Have you filed that report yet?" Person B: "No, John told me to hold off." Person A: "Never mind what John said, you take orders from me!"
  2. Nevermind what our competitors are doingWe need to focus on an innovative approach.

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