going forward


1. from the present moment onwards






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adopt a policy going forward

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Despite its widespread use the phrase 'going forward' is a relatively new expression which is usually used in corporate or professional environments and means 'from now on' or is used to talk about a continuous-time from the present into the future. 

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  1. Harry learnt his lesson from the mix up over the orders and assured his clients that, going forward, he would deal with each order personally rather than continuing to delegate responsibility. 
  2. Going forward, there will be a zero-tolerance policy in effect with regards to bullying in the workplaceAnyone found guilty of breaking that policy will be fired immediately.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. The guidelines you have been issued over email are the new procedures for booking meeting rooms on the system going forward. We hope this will solve the problem of double bookings.
  2. I expect a better output from this department going forward. The current standard of work being delivered is not up to par.

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