gather (yourself/your thoughts)


1. to collect your thoughts, get yourself together, take a moment






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gather yourself before you go into the room

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To 'gather your thoughts' means to take time to think or consider something before making a decision. You might also hear people say 'collect your thoughts'.  To 'gather yourself' means to take time to calm down or to prepare mentally for something challenging. You are likely to hear these expressions used before a presentation, an exam or before facing a high-pressure situation. 'Gathering yourself' all about calming yourself down and preparing yourself for something stressful. You can use it in social or professional situations. Similar expressions are 'pull yourself together', or 'get a grip'.

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  1. You are getting a bit worked up and out of control. Take a moment to gather yourself and calm down.
  2. I spent a few days gathering my thoughts before starting to work on my thesis.

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  1. I was nervous about undergoing my review but my manager encouraged me to take a few moments to gather myself before entering the room.
  2. That was my 5-minute call to address the conference. I'm just going to take a moment to gather my thoughts before going on stage.

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deal with flip out

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