come with the territory


1. a feature that comes with a particular situation






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comes with the territory of being in charge

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Something which 'comes with the territory' is an accepted issue or complication that comes with something else. Something that 'comes with the territory' is an integral part of something and usually refers to something negative. If you are a doctor in an emergency department you might say that 'late nights and stress comes with the territory in this job'. This is an idiomatic expression used in social and professional contexts.

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  1. Before being promoted, the manager knew full well that stress just came with the territory of being in charge.
  2. Dealing with angry clients comes with the territory of working in Customer Service.

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  1. The roof is leaking and the whole building needs insolation but I guess this kind of work comes with the territory of buying an old house.
  2. I'm not getting much sleep and I am pretty exhausted all the time but it comes with the territory of having a baby I suppose.

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