blow (my/your) mind


1. something that amazes or shocks






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the ending of the movie will blow your mind

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Something which 'blows your mind' is shocking or astonishing. Something which blows your mind is hard to comprehend. This is an informal phrase you are more likely to use with friends. It generally has a positive connotation.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. Overall, the movie was quite dull, but the ending will blow your mind! It's something you would never guess could happen.
  2. The skill of these gymnasts is blowing my mind. They must have been training since they were little kids to pull off moves like that! 

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. Some of the applications of virtual reality blow my mind.
  2. The money to be made in this niche blows my mind. It's untapped revenue.

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