(be) on point


1. exactly right, relevant, or appropriate






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stay on point in your presentation

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In a business or professional context something which is 'on point' is relevant to the discussion or suitable to what is happening or being discussed. In this context, you can say a suggestion or a contribution made to a discussion is 'on point' or very relevant. In a casual or social context something 'on point' meets the standards expected, is as good as it can be or is perfect. You might say the service in a restaurant was 'on point' if it was very good or talk about someone's outfit or behaviour as being 'on point' or very suitable for the occasion. 

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Rebecca's outfit at the party was really on point. Everyone was complimenting her on it.
  2. I thought what she said was really on point, we are all paying way too much to live in this city.
  3. His hair is always on point even after a long day.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. If I am to succeed with my sales pitch then I need to find a way of making it interesting and personable while staying on point.
  2. The issues raised by Gary in the meeting did not always seem to be on point, which led to a lot of confusion.
  3. Can we please all keep on point? If we don't this meeting will continue for hours.
  4. His theory that the Vikings ate a diet rich in meat proved to be on point as the DNA evidence shows.

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