on the (map/radar)


1. getting/receiving/drawing attention (again)






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put him/them/that place back on the map/radar

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When something is said to be 'back on the map' or 'back on the radar', it means it is back in your consciousness or something you have neglected has been brought to your attention again. You can use 'back on the map' to talk about places that have become popular again: "The opening of the new luxury hotel has put the town of Clinton back on the map." You can say something is 'back on the radar' when you need to be concerned about something again that wasn't a priority for some time: "With the threat of unrest between the two states, border security was back on the radar." These are both idiomatic expressions.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. That remix really put his song back on the map.
  2. Jerusalem is back on the map after recent violence between Israel and Palestine.
  3. Recent criminal activity has put local gangs back on the police's radar.
  4. Her recent television appearance really put her back on the public radar.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. He hit all his targets and was back on his Manager's radar.
  2. After the recession, small businesses had to work particularly hard to put themselves back on the map.

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