1. influence or cause sth to happen






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adversely/positively affect sales/change/productive

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To 'affect' is usually related to pretence or influence As a verb it is used to talk about a change caused by another thing. "Pollution is affecting our climate". It can also mean to create an emotive response "The music affected the audience, moving them to tears".  It can be used to say something was not genuine, "She affected a limp when challenged about her injury." This is often confused with 'effect' and in many cases, they are in fact interchangeable but not always. 'Affect' is more often used as a verb and 'effect' is more often used as a noun. This is a very common word that can be used in social or professional contexts.

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  1. The boy's speedy recovery from the operation positively affected his entire family.
  2. This will affect us all, so we need to sort it out.
  3. What do you mean, this doesn't affect me? Of course, it does!

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  1. The negative customer feedback adversely affected the company's year-end profits.
  2. The Global financial crisis affected everyone - from the Bankers to the Homeowners.
  3. The collapse of the business negatively affected every employee.

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