a meeting of minds


1. an understanding or agreement between people






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a meeting of minds on the subject/issue/matter/idea/concept

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This phrase expresses a situation in which two or more people or groups share - or come to share - the same opinions and ideas about something. It is essentially a mutual understanding. This is particularly important in a professional context where 'a meeting of minds' can mean that both or all sides are pulling in the same direction towards a common target; or that all parties involved in a deal or contract acknowledge that they agree and understand the terms involved. Phrases with a similar meaning include 'be of like mind', and 'on the same wavelength.'

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  1. The new Marketing Strategy resulted from a real meeting of minds among the team.
  2. Following a meeting of minds between the regional managers, the decision was made to hire more staff.

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  1. The committee is really a meeting of minds for those who are interested in improving our town.
  2. We had a great discussion in the cafe, it was like a meeting of minds!

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