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In these short pages, we provide a sample answer for each interview question in relation to the industry shown. We then analyse the answer, pointing out valuable information so that you can adapt the answer to your specific circumstances.

Business Management - Why Do You Want This Job?


Well, I'm an admirer of your company for a few different reasons, but to quote a sentence from your company's mission statement: "to build efficient working relations between businesses which will stand strong well into the future". The full statement really sunk in but that sentence in particular nearly jumped off the page at me. Even on a small scale I've been an avid networker. When I was young, I set up a lemonade stand over the Summer period. For the first couple of weeks I only sold drinks to passers-by, and I was outside all of the day and wasn't seeing much of a return on my time. I thought it would be a good idea to get some of my friends on board and they cycled around the neighbourhood telling everyone about my lemonade stand. This turned out to be a great move as my little business picked up and the next few days saw a massive improvement in sales. Soon, everybody in the neighbourhood was coming past me to get some of my lemonade and that turned out to be a very profitable Summer. The improvement began with networking and over the years I've sharpened this skill, which would make me an ideal employee to uphold your company's mission statement.

I want to expand my knowledge of networking and the business as a whole and your company values really line up with mine. I remember back in 2011 when you guys were just getting up and running, you came on the scene and made an impact which was noticeable to rival companies across the country. Your new approach has very much revolutionised the way we look at business. Your innovation is inspiring and I'd jump on the chance to learn the ropes from Management staff at your firm.


This answer stands out because the Interviewee expresses how suited to the job they were, even from an early age. They were business-minded right from the get-go and even demonstrated delegation skills (extremely important in Management) at a very early age. This also breeds enthusiasm and the employer would pick up on that.

The Interviewee touches on the company's mission statement which shows the research they did. They even went as far as quoting a sentence directly from the statement which would be very impressive in an interview. The Interviewee speaks about the areas they want to improve on, which lines up with the principles of the business and how they operate.

Overall, the Interviewee paints a good picture of their suitability for and interest in the role. They used a personal background story from their childhood which was relevant to the values of the company, and which connects the skills of the candidate to the role. They also made good references to the company's history, which is the icing on the cake.

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