Collocations With The Word Jump

Collocations are words that usually go together in English.

Here we are going to look at words that go with 'jump' to make useful and popular expressions you will hear in social and professional contexts.


A 'jump-start' can mean starting a car by using power from another car, or bringing new energy to something.


  • My car won't start because my battery is dead. Can you use those cables to give me a jump-start?
  • The politician was looking for a public relations exercise to help jump-start his flagging campaign.
  • The new government policies are aimed at jump-starting the stagnant economy.

Jump the lights/a red light

If you 'jump the lights/a red light', you ignore a traffic light signalling you to stop and instead keep driving.


  • I was running so late for my meeting this morning that I had to jump the lights at two intersections. It was very dangerous.
  • When I jumped a red light, a nearby police car pulled me over and I ended up getting a ticket.
  • The security camera clearly shows the truck jumping a red light, so the driver was wholly to blame for the accident.

Price jump

A 'price jump' refers to an increase in the cost of something. It can also be expressed as 'a jump in price'. You might also hear people use the term 'a price hike'.


  • The latest price jump from my network provider means I can no longer afford to use their services.
  • A £50 increase represents a considerable jump in price compared to their last product.


'Showjumping' refers to the competitive riding of horses over a set course of obstacles. Competitors are judged on speed and ability.


  • Many people question the presence of showjumping in the Olympic Games.
  • The rider fell from her horse as it leaped over a hedge during the showjumping event.

High jump

The 'high jump' refers to a sport in which competitors try to jump over an adjustable bar supported by two poles. The winner is the person who can clear the highest level.


  • The world champion underperformed in the high jump, and could not clear the height achieved by her competitor.
  • The decathlete won the high jump, but came last in the other events.

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