Run Through - Phrasal Verb

Video Overview

This video explains the meaning and use of the phrasal verb 'run through' in English. We show you how to use it with some easy examples to help you learn this phrasal verb so you can use it in spoken and Business English.

Video Analysis

Run through is a useful phrasal verb with a number of different meanings

To 'run through' can mean 'to quickly pass through somewhere'. So you can 'run through a building' or 'run through a field'.

If you 'run through something', it can also mean to read, discuss or repeat something; so you can 'run through the points in a presentation', 'run through the latest news' before a meeting, or 'run through your options before making a decision'.

To run through objects, time or resources means to use them up carelessly.

Additional examples with 'run through' are: 

At a meeting, a stakeholder is trying to anticipate challenges.

I propose we run through all of the challenges facing us in this economic climate.

A colleague who has been coaching you thinks you should be as prepared as possible.

I think we should run through your sales pitch a couple of times before you meet the client.

The tutorial for the product states:

I've just given you a quick run through of some of the possibilities with this program but there are many more.

Someone in charge of the inventory for outreach projects has noticed they are low on materials again.

We seem to run through materials quickly. Has anyone got an idea why that is?

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