How To Evade Questions - Politics

Video Overview

In this video, we focus on how an interviewer and politician can clash in an interview and how they deal with each other. We elaborate on important points throughout the video to give you a better understanding of how or why each character chooses their direction in the conversation.

Video Analysis

The politician uses conversational techniques to get through the interview without making things more difficult for herself or her political party. She attacks the interviewer verbally; she attacks a question; she diverts a question; she declines to answer a question, and she gives equivocal (ambiguous) answers. These tactics help her avoid directly answering a question she feels could cause problems.

Idioms related to evasion in speech or action:

  1. It seemed like the government was turning a blind eye to the high amount of small business closures.

  2. The politician kept giving the media the slip after each cabinet meeting. He always leaves out the back.

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