Exam Vocabulary and Synonyms for Anger

On this page, you will find lists of words to help you expand your vocabulary related to the word ‘anger’. There are nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs, so you will learn how to put stronger sentences together with more sophisticated language. Practicing forming sentences in this way is particularly good if you are preparing for exams, such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, LSAT, Civil Services, and Banking.

Example Sentence Showing Synonyms and Different Word Forms:

She became enraged (adjective) when she realised what had happened. No one was in more of a fury (noun) than my mother, though, who threw things around the kitchen in outrage (noun), screaming angrily (adverb) in a frenzied (adjective) outburst.





In this column, you will find words that you will come across in everyday English, and which are even suitable for exams like IELTS or TOEFL.

*An asterisk means that this word is less popular in everyday English than the other words in the list. These words may also be asked in some simpler exams.

In this column, you will find words that are likely to be asked in more Advanced Exams, such as GRE, MBA, SAT/LSAT, Civil Service, Banks, etc.


Some Nouns for Anger

(a dreadful fury; consuming anger; terrible madness)



He responded with a burst of anger that took us all by surprise.

A terrible fury came over her, and she lashed out (phrasal verb) at everyone around her.

an all-consuming madness


Some Adjectives to Describe Someone as Angry or Causing Anger

(a frenzied assault; a furious response; she was insensed by…)



I was really annoyed by what happened.

When she found out what I had done, she was absolutely livid.

We were all angered by the course of events.

I was so exasperated that I couldn’t even get my words out. I couldn’t believe what had happened.

The noise really irritated me. I couldn’t concentrate!

We were apoplectic following the announcement. This meant we had no chance of succeeding!

Oh my God, you’re so irritating! Shut up!

She looked up at me with this indignant expression, as if I were to blame.

I got really mad and started shouting at everyone.

The management were incensed by the loss of the contract. It had long been the lifeblood of the company.

It was extremely maddening the way he ignored everything I said.

My Manager was furious when she found out what I did. I wasn’t looking forward to facing her.

Okay, calm down! There’s no need to get shirty* with me.

*Slang (U.K.)

He got very cross with me and started shouting.

I found her attitude infuriating. She really got on my wick!

I was infuriated by what they did.

There was another complaint from a disgruntled employee. The company was worried they might get sued.

I was raging when she told me what the kids had done. I couldn’t believe they broke it!

I had a heated exchange with my girlfriend the other day. We were arguing about our plans for the future.

She went absolutely berserk when she heard what I had done. She was spitting while she shouted at me!

I have to say that I’m dissatisfied with your performance so far. You really need to step up your game.

He was seething with rage, so it took a lot to calm him down.

She got quite irate, and she was told to leave the room.

The woman was the aggrieved party in the case. She felt she had been treated badly and she wanted recompense.

(You might hear this more in a legal context)

I’m displeased with the outcome of the court case. He should have got a life sentence!

She was very easily riled. We wound her up all the time.

  • The situation was so frustrating.

  • Everyone was frustrated by the situation.

They considered her to be an embittered old woman who wouldn’t help anyone; but they were wrong.

She became enraged and it took a long time to make her see sense.

My mother was absolutely fuming, and she started throwing things at my father.

I was a bit peeved about it, to be honest. He should have told me what he was going to do.

I was quite vexed* by what happened.

*Not commonly used. Often used ironically.


Some Verbs for Acting Angry

(to anger someone; to infuriate someone)



He really angered me with what he said.

Minding the screaming kids frustrated me. I needed a break badly.

They just infuriated me with the way they went on. They were all so rude!

He always managed to rile everyone in the group, insulting us and starting arguments.

He tends to seethe with rage every time we mention what happened. It’s best not to say anything.

When the child got angry, he had a habit of lashing out*, swinging his little fists and screaming and crying.

*Phrasal Verb

She vexed* me with her dismissive attitude.

*Not commonly used. Often used ironically.


Some Adverbs for Describing an Action as Angry

(a blistering attack; a frenzied assault)



The team launched a blistering attack, shocking the opposition.

He ran at them, throwing punches in a frenzied attempt to defend himself.

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