What Are Your Strengths - Hospitality Interview

In these short pages, we provide a sample answer for each interview question in relation to the industry shown. We then analyse the answer, pointing out valuable information so that you can adapt the answer to your specific circumstances.

Hospitality - What Are Your Strengths?


A stand-out capability in my work is my Customer Service. I have worked on developing this more than anything else because I feel it's the most powerful tool needed to be successful in the industry. Customers deserve to be completely enjoying themselves and I like to be the person making that happen. I like to find interesting opportunities to go the extra mile for a customer. For example, at a hotel I previously worked at, I suggested an idea for a personalized gift for honeymoon guests when they stayed. My suggestion was to make towels with the guests' names sewn into them, which they could take home with them after their stay. It was a huge hit, so much so that the hotel decided to use this approach with all guests.

I feel that I'm culturally aware of guests when I meet them. I like to chat to people and get a feel for them to give them the best possible service. I adapt to the individual as we're meeting people from all walks of life and this enables me to relate to each and every person. We might not always share the same values, perceptions or beliefs as our customers but it is vital to have at least a basic understanding of one's culture to make people as comfortable as possible; and I believe I'm spot on in this aspect.

Another important skill I feel I've nailed down is my professionalism. This goes hand in hand with Customer Service. Customer Service will always be better when professionalism stands out. As an employee, I'm the face of the brand, so I like to look extremely well-groomed and tidy and always keep my cool if faced with a difficult scenario - like an irate guest, for example - and I deal with it in a professional manner. I always keep in mind that I'm representing the hotel.


The Interviewee comes out strong from the get-go. He/she opens with Customer Service which is crucial in Hospitality, and they make sure to highlight this. The Interviewee also shows how important Customer Service is to them as an employee and how much they value their customers. They are really showing their love for the job, and there's no better feeling for an employer than hiring someone who genuinely loves what they do. He/she shows the employer that this sector gives them a sense of purpose. The example the Interviewee includes in the answer is very clever. The Interviewee makes it known that a suggestion/idea they gave to a previous employer was so valuable that they use it across the board and it is a nice little added extra that customers enjoyed in the Hotel when they stayed. The Interviewee is showing that their previous ideas have been game-changers.

The Interviewee follows this up with cultural awareness. Tourism is central in Hospitality and employees need to be on their game when meeting people of different nationalities. The main objective for the employer is to create repeat business, and in order to do this they need to hire the right people. The right person in Hospitality is someone who wants to make their customers comfortable; someone who cares about the customers and who is willing to go above and beyond for them. When the Interviewee mentions how culturally aware they are, and explain what they do to connect with their customers, they prove how much they care about them.

So far so good for the Interviewee. Everything is running like clockwork.

The Interviewee closes with a skill that goes well with those previously mentioned - professionalism. It blends into the answer well because it is vital in the industry. The Interviewee shows how professionally aware they are and how to appropriately conduct themselves daily. This is right up there as one of the most important skills required in Hospitality.

To round up, the answer is direct and straight to the important points. They kept it relevant and succeeded with an example story. They also made sure to get across their love for the job. All really great points to mention.

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