Collocations With The Word Drive

Collocations are words that usually go together in English.

Here we are going to look at words that go with 'drive' to make useful and popular expressions you will hear in social and professional contexts.

Drive is a very versatile word, and can be used as a verb to talk about moving something forward into the desired direction, to describe moving something with force, and to talk about the force or intention behind something. As a noun, 'a drive' describes a trip in a car or vehicle. As an adjective, it describes someone ambitious and motivated. In the following examples, you will see 'drive' being used in these ways as well as in a number of other contexts.

(Take/go for) a drive

When you 'take/go for a drive', you undertake a journey in a vehicle, usually as the person in control of it. There are various types of drive you can take or go on such as a 'short drive', 'long drive', 'scenic drive', etc.


  • I was bored sitting in the house, so I decided to go for a drive and stop for a coffee somewhere.
  • I just bought a new car. Do you fancy taking a drive in it with me?
  • It's just a short drive to the shops from here. In fact, you could even walk there if you wanted to.
  • The kids were quite sick in the back of the car. They always get that way after a long drive.
  • It was a lovely day, so we decided to take a scenic drive through the countryside.

Four-wheel drive

A vehicle that has 'four-wheel drive' is one where the engine supplies power to all four wheels, rather than the usual two. This greatly aids grip and steering, which makes the vehicle much easier to control on rough or difficult surfaces. For that reason, four-wheel drive vehicles tend to be used for off-roading.


  • This jeep should have no trouble driving through the snow. It's four-wheel drive.
  • If we're going camping this weekend, we should see about hiring a vehicle that's four-wheel drive.
  • I'd switch to four-wheel drive if I were you. The surface up ahead is quite steep and bumpy.

Up/down the drive

A 'drive', or 'driveway' is a short, typically private road that leads from a public street or road to a building, usually a house.


  • From the house, I went down the drive and then turned onto the main road.
  • My front drive is being re-surfaced at the moment, so I'm having to park on the street.
  • There was a long, winding drive that led up to the building which was lined on either side by trees.
  • Just head up the driveway and you will come to a garage where you can park your car.

Drive carefully/recklessly

When you 'drive carefully', you obey the rules of the road and show proper consideration for other drivers. To 'drive recklessly' means to do the exact opposite, and it can often lead to accident and injury for you and/or others. 'Drive carefully' can also be used as a form of goodbye to somebody departing in a vehicle.


  • The weather was awful when I set off for work this morning, so I made sure to drive carefully.
  • It's no wonder Mark spun off the road when he was driving so recklessly. Not only was he speeding, he was overtaking other cars without the proper space to do so!
  • Thanks for calling over this afternoon, it was great to see you. Drive carefully!

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