Adverbs of Manner

Adverbs of Manner - describing the way someone does something.

The teacher accidentally revealed what would be on the exam.

He angrily hung up the phone after being left on hold for seven minutes.

Her friends sat in the hospital waiting room anxiously, eager for news.

He shuffled awkwardly when he asked her to dance with him.

I think she sang beautifully at the concert last night.

She moved the papers around her desk busily.

The mechanic calmly explained that he couldn’t fix the car.

She repeated the question until he answered correctly.

She cruelly told her sister she never wanted to see her again.

Her name was written into the book carefully and deliberately.

He waited eagerly in the restaurant for his date to arrive.

He explained that it wasn’t a mistake you could make easily.

She entered the room elegantly as everyone stared at her.

John always participates enthusiastically in class.

I need to take the measurements exactly so that there are no mistakes.

She defended her team fiercely in the meeting.

We ran frantically to the platform but we missed the train.

He generously offered to help us with our problem.

Please walk gently. I don't want the baby to wake.

I will gladly speak at the event in May.

She always moves so gracefully. She moves like a dancer.

They were so hungry that they greedily finished the pizza in minutes.

I will happily demonstrate the product if you’d like.

There are quite a few mistakes because I put this together hastily last night.

I always answer my clients honestly. People value the truth.

She eyed up the cake hungrily.

When she realised it was about to rain, she continued toward the shop hurriedly.

The question was asked innocently by the young child.

Unable to figure out the map, he held it up inquisitively.

They jumped up and down joyously when they won.

My package must have been handled roughly. Everything inside was broken.

I placed my passport safely in the cupboard.

We were surprised that he answered her so sharply. He was clearly in the wrong.

He nodded his head seriously when she told him what had happened.

If you visit the countryside, you should dress sensibly for the weather.


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