Check Out - Phrasal Verb

Video Overview

This video explains the meanings and uses of the phrasal verb 'check out' in English. We show you how to use it with some easy examples so you can use it in spoken and Business English.

Video Analysis

Check out our video and you’ll pick up some really helpful language tips, and if you’re unsure of the meaning of a word or phrase, you can look it up in EnglishLogica’s search engine and make sure what we’re saying checks out. I’d better go now, I have a date tonight with someone I’ve been checking out for a while. I’m picking her up in my new car. It’s a Ferrari - you should check it out! In American English, checkout is used when referring to a cash register in a shop. People check items out when paying for them. For example - “I have finished shopping, so I need to check these items out. I’d better head toward the checkout.”

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