Vocabulary for Talking About Travelling by Plane

The following words and terms may frequently appear when studying, reading about, or discussing Flying or Travelling by Aeroplane (Airplane). We briefly explain what they mean and give you examples to learn how to use them. Learning this subject specific terminology is a great way to improve your performance in exams such as IELTS, GRE, SAT, LSAT, Civil Services, and Banking.

We experienced some turbulence on the plane during the journey.

We had a bit of a rough landing.

We packed light because of baggage restrictions.

Air fares tend to go up during the holidays.

The price doesn’t include taxes and charges.

I prefer to sit on the aisle rather than in the window seat.

On our seat was a package with an eye mask and a blanket.

I put my seat belt on as the journey was getting bumpy.

The cabin crew will come over to you if you press the call light.

The flight assistant helped me put my bag in the overhead compartment.

The captain made an announcement from the cockpit.

We all received a complimentary snack and drink after take off.

The security was quick because the flight was domestic.

Flight attendants need to ensure that fit and healthy people are sitting nearest to the emergency exit.

I always fly economy in order to save money.

For our honeymoon, we splashed out and flew first class.

Sometimes, if you ask, it is possible to get an upgrade.

There was a large queue forming at the boarding gate when I arrived.

I always get really bad jet lag after long flights.

A life jacket is stored over or below your seat.

My father hates flying. He suffers terribly from motion sickness.

Thankfully, I have never had to use an oxygen mask on a plane.

We were grounded for over an hour with no refreshments.

I had to visit the embassy to obtain a visa.

You need to ensure your passport is valid for six weeks after the date of entry.

Please stay in your seats and we will let you know when it is safe to disembark.

I had to pay a fee because my bag exceeded the size restrictions.

My guitar had to go into the oversize baggage, so I need to go to Baggage Reclaim.

I can’t see my case on the luggage belt.

My bags were tagged because the flight was overbooked, and my luggage needs to go into the hold.

Can I have a headset to watch the in-flight entertainment?

Our flight was delayed for four hours and we were stuck at the boarding gate.

We seemed to taxi for a long time before take-off.

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