What Are Your Strengths - Finance Interview

In these short pages, we provide a sample answer for each interview question in relation to the industry shown. We then analyse the answer, pointing out valuable information so that you can adapt the answer to your specific circumstances.

Finance - What Are Your Strengths?


I would say that my interpersonal skills are my strongest attribute. I learned in my last job that I have the ability to build strong, successful relationships with both clients and colleagues. I used the tools available to me and found the best deal on the market for a customer who then referred some of their friends and family to me.

I feel that my analytical skills have improved greatly as well. I have a knack for finding number issues that other employees might have missed - a detailed report was sent out to all employees with a breakdown of our numbers for that quarter. After I took a closer look at it, I realised there were some discrepancies when comparing the report with my personal sheet, which I use to track our progress. When I showed the errors to my Line Manager, they were rectified and this put us back on track for our monthly targets.

I also think that my commercial acumen is well developed. I have a good nose for recognising how different actions or strategies can impact a company’s profitability and cash flow. I like looking beyond my immediate role or department to see the big picture of the organisation, while still aligning that view with the company’s strategy and values. I suggested an idea for a new contract to my previous Employer which gave an 8% return on the investment and an 11% reduction in cost.


The Interviewee starts strong by nailing down one of the most valuable skills needed in the business world - interpersonal skills. This highly sought after skill is a necessity in any job, but specifically in Finance, where creating and developing relationships can sustain a company. Having a strong solid network in the business world could be the difference between keeping your head above water in the peak of a recession, or going under like many businesses unfortunately do. Employers value an employee with a strong professional network. The Interviewee gives a solid example which shows how he/she caught the eye of friends and family of the customer, which in turn led to future business for the company. The Interviewee has hit the nail on the head with their opening. 

The Interviewee highlights their analytical skills. This also spells out how strong their attention to detail is, which is high on the list of skills required to excel in the role. As before when interpersonal skills were mentioned, the Interviewee accompanies the reference with an example. The Interviewee is cruising here.

The Interviewee closes their answer by speaking about their know-how in the industry. They use figures to specify the positive impact their knowledge had for the company when they gave an idea for a new contract. 

Overall, the Interviewee answered extremely well, especially when they threw in examples to accompany their answers. The specificity makes the Interviewee stand out.

Good luck! 

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