walk/tread on thin ice


1. in a precarious or risky situation






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you're skating on thin ice

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To be 'on thin ice' is to be in a risky or precarious situation that may have serious consequences. You can say someone is 'walking on thin ice', 'treading on thin ice' or 'skating on thin ice' and it means the same thing, that they are doing something risky. You will normally hear this expression used as a warning. "You are on thin ice if I were you I would stop lying." "He was on thin ice before and he knew he wouldn't get away with it this time."

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  1. You're skating on thin ice, the teacher warned the child after he was disruptive in class. 
  2. The team's hopes of league promotion were on thin ice after suffering two defeats in a row.

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  1. You've been late every morning this week! You're really on thin ice now. This is your final warning!
  2. The threat of AI and automation has left many employees feeling like their jobs are on thin ice.

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