(vanish/disappear) into thin air


1. cease to be visible in a sudden and mysterious way






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it seemed to just vanish into thin air!

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This is often used in a sarcastic manner, considering that nothing can just disappear magically. If you say that something 'vanished' or 'disappeared' into thin air, you mean that you have no idea where it went. People might look everywhere to find something - or even someone - and find no trace of it (or them). That is when they might say, "It just vanished into thin air!"

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. Person A: "Did you take the money I left on the table?" Person B: "No, it wasn't me." Person A: "Oh, I suppose it just vanished into thin air, then?"
  2. Where could my car keys have gone? They couldn't have just disappeared into thin air!

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. I've lost the report. It was on my desk a moment ago and then it seemed to just vanish into thin air!
  2. I was talking to the manager at the conference but I turned my back for a moment and he vanished into thin air and I didn't get her contact details.

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