up for something


1. willing or able to try, open to






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up for discussion/consideration/it

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'Up for' is a phrase of 'up' that can have a number of meanings. 'Up for' can mean 'available for', such as in the phrase 'up for sale' or 'up for discussion'. 'Up for' can also mean 'to be considered for', so someone might be 'up for promotion' for example. Something can also be 'up for renewal' or 'up for review' which means 'due for'. An informal meaning of 'up for' is to be eager for something or be prepared to do or try something, this is used more often in casual contexts.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. Michael: Will you come on the rollercoaster with me? Tom: Yes, I'm up for it.
  2. Don't commit to the hike unless you are really up for it. It won't be easy.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. A multilateral trade agreement is one of the items up for discussion today at the global summit in Paris.
  2. The boss took the decision to cancel the deal and made it very clear that the matter was not up for discussion.
  3. Jane is up for consideration for the managerial role due to her commitment and ability to follow procedure.
  4. The projects presented at the competition were so good that the judges decided they would all be put up for consideration for the main prize.

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