1. make something increase or become stronger






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fuel growth/tension/speculation

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Fuel (noun) is a material which is burned or used to produce power or heat, for example, coal, gas, petrol or oil. So you can put fuel in your car or use fuel to heat your home. You can also refer to food liquids or other sources of energy in animals and humans. For example, 'this lunch should fuel me on my run later today'. Feel can also be something that sustains or keeps an argument or intense feeling going. For example, 'their hurtful comments added fuel to my anger'. As a verb to fuel something means to you supply or power something, for example, 'the fire is fuelled by gas'. To fuel something can also mean to cause something to burn. For example, 'we used logs to fuel the fire'. To fuel something can also mean to sustain or make something more intense. 'She fueled speculation of an affair by talking about her marriage difficulties during the interview.' The idiom 'to add fuel to the fire' means to make a bad situation worse.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. We tried to sort out our differences by getting together to discuss things, but it only succeeded in fuelling tensions further.
  2. We switched from oil to gas as it's a cheaper source of fuel.
  3. You will benefit from increasing your protein intake to fuel your workouts.

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  1. The company recently announced plans to expand into overseas markets in order to fuel growth as they felt they had reached a saturation point in their domestic market.
  2. When the freeze on staff bonuses was announced, it fuelled speculation that the business was experiencing financial difficulties.

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